Friday, 23 September 2016


Hi guys... Been a min. Hope you all are doing great. Am super excited because we are almost in the month of October and guess what! That's my birthday month. Am going  to officially mark 3decades on planet earth..... whoop whoop. Big30 and am so grateful to God on how far I have come and cant wait to partyyyyy...............

OK, so on today's post I ll be talking about a classic outfit I got from Fashpa in 2015.  This high low dress is everything. I wore it just once in February  2015 to church and believe it or not didn't even remember I had it till last week Saturday 2016... 1 year later. So I had a wedding and I was like mehnnn couldn't think of what to wear. I had wanted to get a dress from one of my fav stores @Virgoslounge and then I remembered the pounds exchange rate ain't smiling. LOL.....and I ll probably won't get it on time except I did DHL overnight shipping from the UK and that would cost me a lot. Hmmmm I decided to ransack my wardrobe and wooolaaaaa I found this pretty blue number I got from Fashpa. I was super excited as i had totally  forgotten that i even  had it.

I brought it out immediately without wasting time lol. I paired it with my KurtGeiger Britton colorful court shoe and a lip shaped purse also from Fashpa and as we all know wigs are so in now so put on my go to wig from claireblonde and I was good to go..... At the party everyone wanted to know where I got my dress from and unfortunately since it's a over a year old i had to relay the sad news no girl wants to hear....SOLD OUT. ***sad face****
My Fashpa dress was definitely a life and money saver.  Here are few pics of the outfit

Dress: Fashpa
Purse : Fashpa
Shoes : kurtgeiger
Wig: claireblonde
All vendors are on IG there handles are the names above
Thanks for visiting my blog. Xoxo

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