Monday, 22 August 2016

PREGGY and FABULOUS...................

Hi are you all doing. hope you all are doing great. OK so its no news that i had my little tiny cute bundle of joy some months ago and to say am elated least describes how i super grateful to GOD. for those who are mothers they can attest to the fact that been pregnant and birthing a child is no easy task.

Now if you follow me on Instagram you would have probably noticed that i had no pictures up throughout my pregnancy and as a photo whore,,,LOL(excuse my language) you can say that was very strange. well the reason was very simple, my pregnancy wasn't an easy one at all. mehn!!! my first few months wasn't funny at all,i was basically in and out of the hospital so you see i find it rather strange when some women say they breezed through pregnancy and am like i wish that was my throwing up was out of this world. Just imagine vomiting constantly for 4months my throat  went through "hell".....but like the saying goes no two pregnancies are the same, so thumbs up to every mother out there both to those who had it super easy and to those who didn't we are all super heroes.... so now you see that with all the brouhaha that came with been pregnant taking pictures was definitely not on my agenda.****tongue out***

but oh well can i really stay totally away from pictures haba! what would i show my little Naeto when he grows up.....? how he was kicking in mama's still managed to sneak in some few pictures whenever i felt up to it. thus these are few of my pregnancy pictures....xoxo

 yassssss i was 3months gone in the above pic... i remember stalking my mum with questions like haba mum when is my tummy going to show nahhhhh and she was like it will kele, this is your first child and your stomach muscles are firm might probably show later when your far gone, i  cldnt wait to see the bump...............LOL




Tuesday, 2 August 2016


LOL!!! ok so what was i thinking of when i choose my blog post title....maybe the movie "Taken":)....
i always taught my fav color was blue until i came across the color black.  oh my love for black..... for one you can get away with the fear of having a bad day when it comes to your outfit been stained. Black for me also has this aura that signifies power when you walk into a room and most importantly it goes with almost every other color including itself..... so tell me why i wont love me some BLACK.  here are some pics..... enjoy xoxo


Ok! Hi guys and a very happy new month to us all. Welcome to the awesome month of August. its a blessing to be ALIVE!!!!

So hmmmm where do I begin to say i am sooooo sorry for how slow I am to blog regularly. ***ashamed*** you see blogging is not as easy as I anticipated especially with my current mommy duties. BabyN isn't leaving  me with so much time. I however promise to buckle up and be more regular.So today's post I ll be visiting one of my past obsession which was the maxi skirts. Omg!!!! I was literally obsessed with them, well i can say even till now am still in **lust** with the trend but not as much as i was back then.

you see am naturally a skirt lover so it didnt come as a surprise to my friends and seamstress when i couldn't do without my  full length or midi length maxi skirts. what i must however say i loved most about it was its  fullness, the synced in waist and its  versatility. i personally believe one cant go wrong with them. Here are some of my favs.... (i miss my waistline in these pics oooo i need to go back lol.... 3 more inches to loose:)

Enjoy. Xoxo